"Whimsical, Vibrant, Playful - with copious curly cues, a sparkle of sequins, and a humorous title. This is how I would describe my paintings.

I hope to make you smile... even if it's just a tiny corner smile."

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LaVenDer DoT PaiNtinG at CoRneLia ParK

Dot has a cousin PaiNtinG –LaVenDeR at CorNeliA ParK at Biltmore Fashion Park. Please stop by & give her a wave. <3

A CoMMisSioN of Lexie Lu & Lucky <3

A CoMMisSioN of LeXi Lu & LuCky <3 -I would love to PaiNt your FuRRy guYs ! Please email me at jules@julesgissler.com <3 <3